User Manual

The Naval Warfare Officers’ Association is a social network for past and present Warfare Officers of the Royal Australian Navy. The website includes a member database, news feed, dashboard and finance system.

It has been tested on all modern browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explore 9+. Users visiting from the DRN are likely to be using IE7 or IE8 meaning they will have a degraded experience and we suggest using the site from home or portable device if they prefer.

Getting Started

How to Join

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Scroll down until you see the ‘Join Us’ section.
  3. Fill out the details and request membership. Be sure you tell us a little about your background so that we can assess your suitability, with the most important criteria being you are not a spam bot.
  4. You’ll then receive an email outlining how to pay for your membership. Follow the instructions there.

How to Login

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Click the login link in the top right corner.
  3. Login with your email and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, or haven’t joined yet, follow the instructions below the Log in button.


In the top left corner of every screen (except the home page) is the navigation bar. To navigate around the site:

  1. Hover over the top left menu icon ( ).
  2. Click on the link you wish to visit.

There are also a range of links in each page footer.

Activity Stream

The heart of the website is the activity stream. Use it to stay up to date with the community and in touch with other members.

You can leave a message for everyone or specific members.

  1. Type your message into the message box and press submit.
  2. If you like, format your message using markdown
  3. You can keep a message private by specifying the @username of who can view it anywhere in the message.
  4. You can send someone an email copy by putting their @username in the first line of the message e.g. ‘Ahoy @admin,’
  5. You can reply to other messages to create a conversation.


Committee members can broadcast messages via email to selected groups. When typing your message, ensure the first line contains @group. Permitted @groups are:

  1. @all will broadcast to all current members
  2. @committee will broadcast to all committee members
  3. @username (eg @admin) will broadcast to that specific member.

Only people in these groups will be able to see these messages.


To add a file to a message, you first need to upload the file to NWOA’s server:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select a file to upload

To embed a link to the file in a message:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Right click the file and select copy link location
  3. In a message body, create a markdown link and paste the file location as the link-url
  4. A markdown link looks like this [visible text](link-url) and looks like this visible text

Member List

You can also use the NWOA website to find other members.

  1. Visit the people page
  2. Filter the results by name or username. The filter will perform partial matches so ‘kin’ will match ‘Perkins’ and ‘Kinsella’.
  3. Click on the member to view their details.
  4. Click on the message icon ( ) to send them a message.
  5. Click on the edit icon ( ) to edit their profile (member and committee only).
  6. Click on the subs icon ( ) to view their payment history (member and committee only).
  7. Click on the delete icon ( ) to delete the member (committee only).

Member details are only visible to other current members. If you’d like to keep your details private, click the ‘hide my contact details’ box on the edit profile page.

Member Profile

You can update your details and naval biography on your profile page.

  1. Visit the people page
  2. Search for your name (or part there of)
  3. Click on your listing to view your profile

From here you can view your financial history, view your activity, and edit your profile. To change your photo, just click on it and you will be taken to the gravatar website where you can link a photo to your email address.


You can view your membership history on the finance page. To request a receipt:

  1. Click on the payment.
  2. Click on the email icon ( ).

Committee Actions

How does applicant join and how is his application processed. Are committee still advised?

The membership secretary will receive an email notification of a membership request. There is also a weekly email to the committee listing pending members.

How to edit a member record

  1. Find the member on the member list
  2. Click on the edit member icon ( ).
  3. If a member doesn’t have an email address, user [email protected]

How to alter record if member resigns or fails to pay subs eg. no “Engage” is sent?

No action is required for this. Membership access and the engage mailing list are generated for current members only.

How do I process subs received?

  1. Go to the finance page
  2. Click receipt
  3. Complete the form
  4. Email the receipt to member

How to check Membership No. to check-off against Bank Statement?

  1. Visit the user page
  2. Change the membership number in the URL

How does I check a member’s financial status

  1. Search for the member on the member listing
  2. Click on the view subs icon ( )

How can I view past payments?

  1. Go to the finances page
  2. Filter by oldest

How can I send email receipt. What if no email?

  1. Go to the transaction page
  2. Click the email receipt link ( )

If no email exists, then you will have to post one manually.

Where are receipted payments kept?

Payments are processed and managed by the Membership Secretary.

How are access privileges for Secretary/Committe controlled (and what are they?)

  1. Committee members have full CRUD (create read update delete) powers
  2. Members can update & edit their own messages and profile
  3. Only a committee member can: - update deceased status - receipt funds - update committee statue

How can I add/update messages

  1. See member instructions above
  2. Committee members can also change authorship and make messages public.

How to access “Deceased” Record and view date of death as entered

  1. Go to the Member List
  2. Filter by deceased

How to Add/View “Engage”

Uploading a copy of engage is a two step process the same as uploading a file.

  1. Upload a the PDF version of Engage!
  2. Navigate to the Engage! page
  3. Add a new link using the format [link text](link url)

How does the Membership Secretary follow up those that ignore “Subs Due” email/s?

With that stern voice s/he learnt to use as an OOW & PWO.

What notification is provided for invalid or no email?

The website admin can run an ad-hoc report for this information.

Can emails sent be tabulated for review and follow-up by the Membership Sec?

The website admin can run an ad-hoc report for this information.