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  • Taiwan and the Fight for Democracy

    Updated about 18 hours ago

    A Force for Good in the Changing International Order Foreign Affairs. Tsai Ing-wen (President of Taiwan). November/December 2021 The story of Taiwan is one of resilience—of a country upholding democratic, progressive values while facing ... more ...
  • Can the U.S. and Chinese Militaries Get Back on Speaking Terms?

    Updated about 18 hours ago

    Indo-Pacific Security Depends on Reviving Bilateral Defense Dialogue Foreign Affairs. Chris Li and Eric Rosenbach. 15 October, 2021 Nearly nine months into the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden, Washington’s relationship with Beijing has sunk to a historic ... more ...
  • High-stakes Taiwan standoff is a major threat to Australia

    Updated about 20 hours ago

    The Australian. Paul Kelly. 16 October 2021 Given Chinese President Xi Jinping’s intimidation of Taiwan to affirm reunification with its alleged breakaway province, Taiwan now ... more ...