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  • Leaving Afghanistan and why America doesn’t win wars

    Updated about 11 hours ago

    ASPI. The Strategist. 21 April 2021. Amin Saikal. Since World War II, the United States has lost just about every war that it has fought in a developing country. It has epitomised the tragedy of a world power’s incapability in asymmetric conflicts. The latest ... more ...
  • Sydney under Japanese attack 1942 - Anniversary Cruise

    Updated 4 days ago

    The following message has been received from the Naval Historical Society of Australia: “Dear Members and Subscribers, You and your friends in Sydney on 31 May 21 are invited to join us for this three hour cruise. Full details are provided in the flyer which can be downloaded via the ... more ...
  • Nuclear submarines could lead to nuclear power for Australia

    Updated 7 days ago

    ASPI. The Strategist. 15 April 2021. Denis Mole. In Adelaide’s The Advertiser newspaper on 7 March, former defence minister Christopher Pyne said, ‘Then there is the nonsensical argument that the Attack Class submarines are no good because they aren’t nuclear. Almost all of these ... more ...