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  • People Win Wars

    Updated about 7 hours ago

    A 2022 Reality Check On PLA Enlisted Force And Related Matters War on the Rocks. Marcus Clay, Dennis J. Blasko, Roderick Lee. 12 August, 2022 Modelled after the Soviet Red Army at its creation from its name to its first flag, the People’s Liberation ... more ...
  • America Must Prepare for a War Over Taiwan

    Updated 2 days ago

    Being Ready Is the Best Way to Prevent a Fight With China Foreign Affairs. Elbridge Colby. 10 August, 2022. Why isn’t the United States doing more to prepare for war with China ... more ...
  • Flash to bang: How Defence can cut the time from idea to impact

    Updated 2 days ago

    The Mandarin. John Glenn. August 2022. There have been at least 50 Defence reviews in 50 years. The 2015 First Principles review listed 48 since the 1973 Tange review and there have been quite a few since. Not all were about procurement, of course, but all have been about better ... more ...