Membership Eligibility

Whilst originally established with a much narrower focus, the evolution in warfare training and an increased emphasis on the warfare “team” have now resulted in membership being open to all who have an interest in Surface Warfare. The Association mow boasts representation from each of the following categories:

  • PWOs
  • Long Course Warfare Officers
  • Aviators
  • Submariners
  • MCDOs
  • Supply Officers
  • MEOs
  • WEEOs
  • Salt Horses
  • Others with an interest in Surface Warfare

Applications for Membership

Membership applications can be made directly to the Membership Secretary or via the Join Now links on this website.

Membership Enquiries

Enquiries regarding membership should be made to the Membership Secretary

Membership Fees

Current membership subscriptions are as follows:

  • Annual: $30
  • Three Years: $75
  • Five Years: $120

Member Feedback

Member feedback should be emailed to the Honorary Secretary direct.