2022 Sydney Annual Lunch

14 Oct 2022
Tickets from $0.00

The 2022 Sydney NWOA Annual Lunch will be held on Friday 14 October 2022 at HMAS WATSON. The event will consist of a mid-morning presentation by Captain Heath Robertson, NWOA Committee member and the current Director of Maritime Warfare Training, on the enormous change taking place in professional warfare training, the scope and detail of which few members will be aware. After the briefing, members will have the chance to see the massive redevelopment taking place at WATSON.

The presentation/ base tour will be followed by participation in the Wardroom’s end of month buffet where WATSON has kindly agreed to set aside sufficient tables for NWOA attendees. Wives and partners are most welcome to attend.

Previously, we asked members to indicate whether they would attend, and we have had sufficient positive responses for it to proceed. The program for this event has now been confirmed as follows:


10:15 Attendees muster at the Watson’s Bay Ferry Wharf. To ease access to the base, a guest list will be provided to the security staff beforehand but members should also bring their Retired List ID cards if they have them. WATSON will provide an 8-seat van to do shuttle runs Watson’s Bay Ferry Wharf up the hill to the Navy Synthetic Warfighting Center (NSWC) Auditorium in the Ritchie Building.

10:30 - 11:00 – Refreshments on arrival.

1100-1145 - Presentation by CAPT Robertson, CSC, HADC, RAN – CO/Director of Maritime Warfare Training in the NSWC Auditorium.

1145 -1215 Move to the Wardroom/Tour the base with XO Watson & DDTAMW. (WATSON is also holding a Families Day concurrently so there will be plenty of people around). XO WATSON & DDTAMW will provide an overview of the new construction, as well as the next stages of this massive redevelopment.

12:00 - 15:00 (approx) Buffet Lunch – NWOA reserved tables

  1. Event concludes


WATSON is holding a Families Day on 14 October and, together with the amount of construction taking place, these factors will preclude on-base parking for NWOA members. The option of a return coach service to/ from the city did not receive sufficient interest to make it worthwhile so members may either drive and park outside the base or travel by public transport. There is usually adequate public parking available in the local area but obviously this cannot be guaranteed. Fortunately, Watsons Bay is reasonably well served by public transport .

For those travelling from the City/ North Shore, the ferry service is a great way to arrive and depart and the service operates on a half hourly schedule to and from Circular Quay. The first ferry from Circular Quay departs at 09:45 and arrives at Watson’s Bay Ferry Wharf at 10:08. CircQuay Watsons Bay Ferry Timetable. 324 & 325 buses leave from behind Wynyard Station in York St (the 08:55, 09:06 & 09:17 services are relevant).

To take advantage of WATSON’s mini-bus shuttle service to the base, those arriving car, bus or ferry, please time your arrival to tie in with the first pick-up which will depart from Watson’s Bay Wharf at 10:15.

On completion of the lunch, the first minibus service to the ferry wharf will depart the Wardroom at 14:50 and thence as required. It is suggested that those who have arrived by bus or private vehicle, also utilise this service to make their way down to Watsons Bay. Ferries depart at 15/45 minutes after the hour, the last one at 16:15.


Smart casual, ties optional.

Lunch Arrangements

Tables will be set aside for the NWOA. Payment for lunch ($30) can be made in cash or EFTPOS as you go to the buffet. Steward service is available at the table for water/soft drinks/coffee and beer/ wine /spirits can be purchase from the bar as required.


The lunch has now been created as an Event on the Association website (with a Zero ticket price). Members wishing to attend (including those who have already indicated their intention to attend) are requested to RSVP via the website by selecting the number of tickets required (yourself plus any guests at zero cost). After making the booking, if you are bringing a guest (s), you will need to insert their names subsequently after making the booking. We need you to do this to create an attendance list which will be provided to WATSON to secure your access to the base. Anyone who has any problem in this regard should advise the event coordinator, Simon Glastonbury ([email protected]), who will provide assistance.