Canberra ANZAC Day March 2023

25 Apr 2023
Australian War Memorial
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ANZAC Day March 2023 – by Geoff Walpole

Given my physical limitations Commander John Jacobi coordinated this event both beforehand and on the day. My thanks go to him.

His Excellency the Governor General led the march accompanied by personnel who had served in Somalia with him. When the GG got to the saluting platform he peeled off and then became the reviewing officer.

17 members (some still serving as well as retired) and a few ‘stray’ current day serving officers and sailors marched under the association banner, with our Patron Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie and committee member Rear Admiral Raydon Gates in the van. This was the best attendance for some years, and perhaps reflects the end of the COVID pandemic era.

Given the geographic limitations imposed by the War Memorial renovations the march was confined to the western side of the War Memorial grounds. Television coverage was good, although as has become the norm in the last few years, the commentary was not synchronised with the vision being shown.

As with previous years, the organisation surrounding this event was poor and very ‘last minute’. There is no apparent encouragement to participate and communication with the RSL is almost non-existent. When it does occur there is a strong dictatorial tone.

(Thought for next year: could we recruit a couple of youngsters such as NRC members to carry the banner).

The attached photos are courtesy of Mrs Cindy Collins.

NWOA contingent marching

Our honoured leaders

Formed Up